Yerontissa - Monastery of Pantocrator

In this icon, which is on the pillar of the left choir of the Monastery 's katholikon, the Blessed Virgin is shown standing in an attitude of supplication, without Christ. On the Silver reventment of the icon can be seen a storage jar overflowing, reminding us of a miracle of the Theotokos when, hearing the prayers of the Elder (Yerontas – hence the name “Yerontissa”) filled with oil the empty storage jars of the Monastery. During a raid of the Sacarens on the Monastery, one of them attempted to split the icon in pieces in order to light his pipe with it, but he immediately lost his sight, and his companions threw the icon into a nearby well. The blind offender suffered so much at the hour of his death that he told his family, even after his death, to go to the Holy Mountain and rescue the icon from the well. This was done, after the icon had been in the well for 80 years. In its present form, the icon has probably been painted over.

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