Elaiovrytissa - Monastery of Vatopedi

This icon is in the “docheion” (store for liquids – oil, wine) of Monastery and about it the following miracle is narrated: when the Blessed Gennadius of Vatopedi had the task of “docheiares” (in charge of this store), a time came when he had to tell me the Abbot that the oil supply had finished and they would have to withhold oil from the brethen so that the last vessel could be kept for the needs of the church, but the Abbot replied that he was not to concern himself, but to continue to deal out the oil freely, as before. When one day he went to draw off the last amount which, as he thought, remained in the jar, he found it had overflowed and that the oil had reached the door of the “docheion”. The icon gives off a marvelous fragrance, and its other name is “Docheiarissa”.

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